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 Committee minutes from 6th April

The usual quarterly meeting of club affiliated to the DRRL took place on 6th April 2020. This was held via video conference due to the current government rules on lockdown. Those who responded to the email regarding the meeting taking place attended.

In attendance: – Jerry Shield, Ines Braun, Graham Filmer, Mike Towner, Nichola Taylor, Sarah Swift, Suzanne Janes, Debbie Dowsett, Ian White, Phil Hadrell, Matt Coggins.

Apologies from Norman White and Pete Clarke.

Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic


The preparation associated with planning our race events is huge, and a lot of time is also taken to arrange the events that will qualify for the DRRL. We have completed 2 events so far this year, at Broadstone and Blackmore Vale and have already seen events postponed due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. This is expected to continue for the short term at least, with large events into July having been cancelled across the country. This is likely to filter down to smaller events and could keep races off the calendar for a number of months. The meeting discussed two key ideas, being to have a DRRL (providing that our events could take place from July) or cancelling the league for the year.

If we were to continue with the league from July, the meeting considered that a minimum of 7 races should take place, with 5 scoring for prizes. There were 4 events planned after July, which would mean that at least one of the cancelled events must rearrange, to enable 7 events to take place.

There was consideration of the event planners, the race directors and their teams. Planning an event requires lead time to set up entries, to arrange timing, officials and medals. Once these are planned costs start to be incurred. Postponed events require agreement on new dates for licences, which fit in with other local authority plans.

If an event was due to take place at the beginning of July, the preparation would have started, entries would be opening now, if not already open and medals would be ordered. However, suppliers are not working due to lockdown situations for non-essential services and therefore events are unable to source what they need to successfully run the event. This means that planning an event to be held in July is really challenging.

For those events to consider a reschedule, there are so many unknowns. There is an event calendar that was already busy in the second half of the year, and the pressure to find a slot that doesn’t impact other local events, as well as deliver it when you’re unable to know when a realistic starting point is a lot of pressure to put on the race directors and their teams.

With the above discussed the whole meeting agreed that it was appropriate to cancel the DRRL for 2020.

The meeting agreed that events planned for 2020 would be considered first for 2021. Race Directors will be contacted to confirm/discuss this option.


Similar points were highlighted about the county championship events. The meeting agreed that the current events will stand. If an upcoming county championship event is cancelled, then that distance will not be held in 2020.

The Half Marathon results – from the Blackmore Vale Half will stand. If any of the other races that were chosen for their respective distances (North Dorset Village Marathon, Purbeck 10K, Portland 10m) go ahead either on their original dates or rearranged dates then they will also count but if they are cancelled then there will be no replacement events.Image

Any Race Director and their team opting to postpone or cancel the event would be supported by the DRRL. Please can any race director let Mike Towner know if they are going ahead in 2020 so we can keep the website up to date?


The meeting discussed the affiliation fees that had been paid for 2020. These are quite small, and some of them will be required to contribute to any county championships, but a small surplus will remain. All agreed that this should remain within the DRRL accounts and be used against future costs, perhaps keeping affiliation costs down in future years.


The next meeting is planned to be held at the beginning of October, in Blandford Forum as usual. This meeting will confirm events for 2021.

The meeting ended.

Stay safe

Debbie Dowsett

On behalf of DRRL committee