An Update

As you will know at the meeting in April of this year it was decided to cancel to 2020 series and that all the races to be carried over to 2021. However, it is now apparent that, due to the COVID restrictions lasting longer than anticipated, this will not be possible.

Currently UKA regulations are requiring extra first aid, no mass starts and a change of timing requirements.  Many races scheduled for 2021 have either been cancelled or put “on hold” pending further COVID developments in 2021.

A virtual Zoom meeting was held on the 5th Oct to discuss the 2021 League. The committee felt that, at this stage, it was not possible to publish a list of League races for 2021.   All Clubs present wanted to see some form of competition for next year.   Some Clubs suggested a number of “Virtual” League races whilst others thought a League start in May/June next year to include races that Clubs might find it possible to stage in the later part of 2021.

It was decided to hold a further meeting in November and in the meantime obtain feedback from race organisers, participants and the public from local road races that have taken place under the current COVID restrictions.

Full minutes of the meeting can be found by clicking the green button on the right.

Oct 2020 minutes