Blackmore Vale Half  & County Championship Half Marathon Championship Update 

The recent Blackmore Vale Half incorporated the County Championship.

The first published awards were produced from a list provided by the organisers that was meant to show all competitors who had, by email,  confirmed that they meet the County entry requirements.

It’s now apparent that some names were missing from this list.

The list supplied by BMV can be viewed on the right. If you did reply to the organisers request to confirm, by email, that you wished to enter the County Championship and your name is not listed please forward the relevant email to (by February 16th ) and we will add your name to the list.  (They will be added, at the bottom, shortly after each is received.)

 Just to reiterate we are asking for a  copy of the confirmation e-mail  you sent to BMV requesting that you wished to enter the County Champs  as it seems not all were on the list supplied by the organisers

List of DCC competitors supplied by BMV

Surname Name Club
Arnottweeks Marian Royal Manor of Portland AC
Barker Paula Poole Runners
Barnes Ian Dorset Doddlers Rc
Barnett Jason Wimborne Ac
Bennett Mark Egdon Heath Harriers
Bentley Luke
Blaber Gary Dorset Doddlers Rc
Blaber Dawn Dorset Doddlers Rc
Blakeway Scott Littledown Harriers
Blyth Philip Martin
Brooks Beverley Poole Runners
Buckwell Nicola Verwood Runners
Budd Jill
Chandler Julie Gillingham Trotters
Cornish Jon
Dixon Shaun Highgate Harriers
Everett Maria Littledown Harriers
Failes Poppy
Ferguson Pamela Gillingham Trotters
Ferguson Ian Gillingham Trotters
Ferguson Iain Poole Runners
Fox Lyn
Goldsack Liz Purbeck Runners
Hamblion Joseph Littledown Harriers
Hardwick Alex
Harris Tim
Hawes Steve Poole Runners
Heaman Giles Egdon Heath Harriers
Holland Angela Poole Runners
Hurst David Dorset Doddlers Rc
Hutchins Victor Hercules Wimbledon AC
Illsley Justin
Janes Suzanne Littledown Harriers
Jarvis Penny Poole Runners
Johnson Frances Egdon Heath Harriers
Kain Joanne Gillingham Trotters
Kelly Steven Poole Ac
Kewley Vicki Gillingham Trotters
Khoshnevis Heather Littledown Harriers
Lennon Debbie Bournemouth Ac
Lewis David
Lilly Simon Wimborne Ac
Miller Barry Poole Ac
Moore Lesley Poole Ac
Morgan Caroline Egdon Heath Harriers
Morris John Lytchett Manor Striders
Olden Andrew Wimborne Ac
Ozanne David Poole Runners
Packer Mark Littledown Harriers
Page Stephen Dorset Doddlers Rc
Palmer-Smyth Richard Dorset Doddlers Rc
Parris Jack San Domenico Rc
Paulley Michael Dorchester Riot
Peart Daniel Bridport Runners
Peddle Mark Poole Runners
Perrett Sarah Dorset Doddlers Rc
Perrett Chris Dorset Doddlers Rc
Pyke Edward
Rasch Molly Poole Runners
Rimmer Anthony Egdon Heath Harriers
Rollett Eleanor Dorchester Riot
Saddington Sue
Samoluk Georgina Wimborne Ac
Savage Mark Wimborne Ac
Scott Geoff Poole Runners
Sell Martin Poole Ac
Simmonds Christopher Purbeck Runners
Stocker Lauren Littledown Harriers
Swift Sarah Poole Runners
Swindlehurst Richard Twemlow Track Club
Taylor Sharon
Terry Mike Littledown Harriers
Thacker Julian Egdon Heath Harriers
Thompson Alison Egdon Heath Harriers
Trew Michael
Walker-Leach Jenny Lytchett Manor Striders
Ward Jane Dorset Doddlers Rc
Weaver Tony Lytchett Manor Striders
Welman Robert Egdon Heath Harriers
Williams David Lytchett Manor Striders
Wilson David Littledown Harriers
Withers Charlie South West Roadrunners
Wood Chris Twemlow Track Club
Yeatman Rachel Running For Time

List of subsequent conformation emails supplied to DRRL

Mitchell Karen Dorchester Riot
Peck Christopher Egdon Heath Harriers
Bragg Jeremy
Carhart-Harris Mike Wimborne Ac