The 2019 Award Presentations

Held at “The Junction” Broadstone 1st Jan 2020

Many  thanks to Steve Way for excellently presenting the 2019 Dorset  Road Race League awards on New Year’s Day. Ninety  two   trophies and certificates  were presented.

Many thanks to the large number of DRRL  competitors who supported the award winners, We hope that you enjoyed the event however  we are aware that some members were unable to gain access due to overcrowding.  Arrangements are in hand to increase the seating capacity next year

Full List of 2019 award winners

Overall Winners

First  Male in the 2019 Dorset Road Race League : Lee Dempster (LMS)

 First Female in the 2019 Dorset Road Race League: Alex Door (EHH)

2019 Fidelity Award Winners

Twelve  runners  were awarded  a  Fidelity Award for completing all 12 league events.

Lee Dempster, Bruce Campbell, Luke Dowsett, Julian Thacker, Stephen Williams, Mark Ormonde, Chris Heckford, Paul Ramsey, Susan Jones,Susie Elliott, Zodwa Chasokel and Catherine Midgley,