Positions after 12 events 7 to count
Team & Individual Awards

Men Teams Div 1
1st Bournemouth AC
2nd Poole AC

Men Teams Div 2
1st Westbourne RC
2nd Wimborne AC

Female Teams Div 1
1st Poole Runners
2nd Littledown Harriers

Female Teams Div 2
1st Dorset Doddlers
2nd Purbeck Runners

1st Iain Trickett Dorset Doddlers
2nd Chris Alborough Poole AC
3rd Brian Underwood Poole AC

1st Clare Martin Purbeck Runners
2nd Jessica Marshall Weymouth St Pauls
3rd Paula Barker Poole Runners

Age Category awards
15-17 Nathaniel Willmore Poole Runners
18-20 No Qualifier
21-24 Sean Edwards Lytchett Manor Striders/Bournemouth AC
25-29 Mitchell Griffiths Westbourne RC
30-34 Iain Trickett Dorset Doddlers
35-39 Chris Wood Wimborne AC
40-44 Brian Underwood Poole AC
45-49 Julian Thacker Egdon Heath Harriers
50-54 Bruce Campbell Egdon Heath Harriers
55-59 Stephen Bridger Purbeck Runners
60-64 Jud Kirk Bournemouth AC
65-69 David Cartwright Poole Runners
70-74 Ian Graham Bournemouth AC
75-79 Roberto Panter Egdon Heath Harriers
80-99 No Qualifier

15-17 Isabelle Somers Poole Runners
18-20 No Qualifier
21-24 Kelsey Jones Lytchett Manor Striders
25-29 Jessica Marshall Weymouth St Pauls
30-34 Clare Martin Purbeck Runners
35-39 Maria Everett Littledown Harriers
40-44 Jenny Walker-Leach Lytchett Manor Striders
45-49 Sarah Ellis Westbourne RC
50-54 Paula Barker Poole Runners
55-59 Heather Koshnevis Littledown Harriers
60-64 Zodwa Chasokela Purbeck Runner
65-69 Flora Brooke Dorset Doddlers
70-74 No Qualifier
75-99 Jacqueline Jenkins Littledown Harriers

Individual Club awards
Club / Male / Female
Bournemouth AC – Stuart Nicholas / Tamzin Peterson
Bournemouth Joggers – No-Male / Kerstin Cummings
Christchurch Runners – No Qualifying runners
Dorset Doddlers – Iain Trickett / Lynn Hutchings
Egdon Heath Harriers – Bruce Campbell / Alexandra Door
Gillingham Trotters – No Male / Joanne Kain
Littledown Harriers – Stephen Williams / Heather Koshnevis
Lytchett Manor Striders – Lee Dempster / Jenny Walker-Leach
Poole AC – Chris Alborough / Zoe Houlton
Poole Runners – Neil Sexton / Paula Barker
Purbeck Runners – Stephen Bridger / Clare Martin
Royal Manor of Portland AC – Thomas Rigby / Julie Orton
Westbourne RC – Mitchell Griffiths / Sarah Ellis
Weymouth St. Pauls Harriers – Mark Humphreys / Jessica Marshall
Wimborne AC – Chris Wood / Kelly Williams

There are 7 runners who were awarded the Fidelity Award for completing all 12 league events
Pauline Worral (BJ)
Bruce Campbell (EHH)
Matthew Ames (EHH)
Stephen Williams (LDH)
Zodwa Chasokela (PU)
Aaron Beaton (WBN)
Sandra Hewson (WBN)