Positions after 12 events 7 to count
Team & Individual Awards

Men Teams Div 1
1st Bournemouth AC
2nd Poole AC

Men Teams Div 2
1st Egdon Heath Harriers
2nd Westbourne RC

Female Teams Div 1
1st Bournemouth AC
2nd Poole AC

Female Teams Div 2
1st Purbeck Runners
2nd Westbourne RC

1st David Broadley Poole AC
2nd John Bassinder Poole AC
3rd Chris Randall Egdon Heath Harriers

1st Heidi Tregenza Bournemouth AC
2nd Nikki Sandell Bournemouth AC
3rd Lesley Moore Poole AC

Age Group Winners

U17 Sam Brooks Purbeck Runners (3 of 4 events)
U21 Luke Dowsett Littledown Harriers
25-29 James McCafferey Wesbourne RC
30-34 David Broadley Poole AC
35-39 Chris Randall Egdon Heath Harriers
40-44 Mark Goodwin Littledown Harriers
45-49 John Bassinder Poole AC
50-54 Jerry Shield Wimborne AC
55-59 Garry Barnes Egdon Heath Harriers
60-64 Hamish Murray Purbeck Runners
65-69 Richard Orme Egdon Heath Harriers
70-74 Pete Clarke Weymouth St Pauls

21-24 Heidi Tregenza Bournemouth AC
25-29 Dawn Dibden Poole AC
30-34 Gemma Bragg Bournemouth AC
35-39 Nikki Sandell Bournemouth AC
40-44 Helen Gilbert Littledown Harriers
45-49 Louella O’Herlihy Poole AC
50-54 Lynnette Hutchings Wimborne AC
55-59 Heather Khoshnevis Littledown Harriers
60-64 Sue Evans Bournemouth Joggers
70-74 Miriam Gray Poole Runners

Fidelity Awards

There are 8 runners who have completed all 12 events

1. Nikki Sandell Bournemouth AC
2. Sue Evans Bournemouth Joggers
3. David Graham Poole Runners
4. Robert Frampton Poole Runners
5. David Heath Poole Runners
6. Zodwa Chasokela Purbeck Runners
7. Josephine Peasland Westbourne RC
8. Sarah Turner Westbourne RC

Club / Male / Female
Bournemouth AC Steve Cox / Heidi Tregenza
Bournemouth Joggers / Debbie Dowsett
Christchurch Runners
Dorset Doddlers Roger Teasdale / Melanie Mitchell
Egdon Heath Harriers Chris Randall / Beverley Smith
Gillingham Trotters / Joanne Kain
Littledown Harriers Robert Jones / Helen Gilbert
Lytchett Manor Striders Scott Parfitt / Paula Wright
Poole AC David Broadley / Lesley Moore
Poole Runners Steven Yates / Kelly Frampton
Purbeck Runners Hamish Murray / Liz Goldsack
Royal Manor of Portland AC Lee Stainer
Westbourne RC Peter Doughty / Sandra Hewson
Wimborne AC Jerry Shield / Lynette Hutchings
Weymouth St. Pauls Harriers Michael Smith
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