Dorset Road Race League 2018

No doubt you would all like to know what the events are for the 2018 Road race calendar. well here you go…
Junction 1/4M (1st Jan) —– Blackmore Vale 1/2M (4th Feb tbc),
Bournemouth 10m (25th Feb) —– Rotary 1/4M (31st Mar),
North Dorset Village Marathon (6th May) —– Portland 10m (1st Jul tbc),
Sturminster 1/2M (5th Aug tbc) —– Round the Rock 10k (U17) (12th Aug tbc),
Hoburne 5m (U17) (Oct 7th tbc) —– Gold hill 10k (U17) (Oct 14th tbc),
Wimborne 10m (18th Nov) —– Boscombe 10k (U17) (25th Nov)