A more complete list of Dorset and other nearby events including on and off road events is available courtesy of Ray Graham here – last updated December 4th 2017

Races of the 2017 DRRL season and DCAA championships are listed in the table below  

These are the 2017 league (RRL) and Dorset County Championships (DCC) events.
The Under 17 competition is based on the best 3 of 4 events marked here as U17.
The Under 21 competition includes all the events excluding the Marathon and is based on the best 6 of remaining 11 events.


Name of Race


Link to Organisers Website

Sunday 01-Jan-2017 Broadstone Quarter Marathon RRL
Sunday 05-Feb-2017 Blackmore Vale Half Marathon RRL
Sunday 12-Feb-2017 Lytchett Manor 10 miles RRL www.lytchettmanorstriders
Sunday 26-Feb-2017 Bournemouth 10 DCC
Sunday 30-Apr-2017 North Dorset Village Marathon RRL/DCC
Sunday 04-Jun-2017 Poole 10k DCC
Sunday 11-Jun-2017 Puddletown Plod Half Marathon RRL
Friday 23-Jun-2017 Purbeck 10 km RRL/U17
Sunday 02-Jul-2017 Portland 10 RRL
Sunday 06-Aug-2017 Sturminster Newton Half Marathon DCC
Sunday 13-Aug-2017 Round The Rock 10k RRL/U17
Sunday 17-Sep-2017 Littledown 5m RRL
Sunday 08-Oct-2017 Gold Hill 10k RRL/U17
Sunday 05-Nov-2017 Gilly Hilly RRL
Sunday 26-Nov-2017 Boscombe 10k RRL/U17

The 2018 Road Race Calendar looks like this:
Junction 1/4M (1st Jan) —– Blackmore Vale 1/2M (4th Feb tbc),
Bournemouth 10m (25th Feb) —– Rotary 1/4M (31st Mar),
North Dorset Village Marathon (6th May) —– Portland 10m (1st Jul tbc),
Sturminster 1/2M (5th Aug tbc) —– Round the Rock 10k (U17) (12th Aug tbc),
Hoburne 5m (U17) (Oct 7th tbc) —– Gold hill 10k (U17) (Oct 14th tbc),
Wimborne 10m (18th Nov) —– Boscombe 10k (U17) (25th Nov)